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Planet, Places, People: Optimize Maintenance and Efficiency

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Modern facilities managers have a very different role than their predecessors. Initially the role of facilities managers centered on building maintenance. Today, while maintenance is still a huge part of what facility managers do, they must also optimize maintenance to support corporate sustainability (ESG) goals and improve the operational efficiency of underutilized real estate assets.

To learn more about the connection between sustainable buildings and workplace technology, join us for the second webcast in our new series, Planet, Places, People: The Future of Workplace Management. In this session, facilities management experts will unpack how technology is making an impact on facility management—including the use of digital twins, environmental sensors, and workplace analytics to deliver better maintenance at lower costs and improve the operational efficiency of office buildings.

Key Takeaways:

  • Maintenance is the original core responsibility of facility management —both routine preventative maintenance and on-demand reactive maintenance.
  • Digital twins can predict how assets will perform over time, allowing FMs to anticipate maintenance issues.
  • By enhancing predictive maintenance and improving maintenance efficiency, facility managers can save time and reduce maintenance costs. This allows them the time to take on a bigger role in sustainability and workplace optimization.


jennifer heath circle
Jennifer Heath
Director Product Marketing, FM:Systems
Stephen Pyatt
Stephen Pyatt
Director of Strategy, FM:Systems

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