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Facility Management Software that Grows With You

The second largest cost companies incur on a yearly basis is their facilities. FM:Systems provides some of the largest technology companies in the world with a wide range of solutions that can help them manage any type of facilities related processes ranging from the coordination of moving employees to managing the work orders that keep the building operational.

FM:Systems Allows Technology Companies to:

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Manage space, utilization, and vacancy

Improve occupancy rates and space utilization with detailed space inventories, accurate occupancy and manage facilities benchmarks

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Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Integrate with other departments to keep everyone up-to-date and aligned to avoid unnecessary expenditures

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Improve Operational Efficiencies

Streamline work order and preventative maintenance processes with automatic notifications, mobile access and detailed reports

With Our Software, you will:

- Set a single source of truth for your information

- See the real value of the space you have

- Quickly adapt to the workspaces of tomorrow

- Manage mergers and acquisitions with ease

- Bring clarity to financial decision making

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