3 New FMS:Insights Features You Are Going to Love

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TEASER: Learn about the new features we’ve added to FMS:Insights to help users better understand building performance and pinpoint where they can make improvements to their portfolio.  

With work models still in flux and cost savings top-of-mind, the ability to quickly and easily access insights into building performance is more important than ever. By having an accurate understanding of how workplaces and buildings are being used, leaders in real estate, facilities, HR, and finance can stay nimble with data-backed decisions as they continue to adapt to the evolving “future of work” environment.

That’s why customers love FMS:Insights, our multi-data point analysis platform that automates data gathering, analysis, and reporting to provide powerful, objective intelligence on workplace utilization, employee mobility, bookings data, indoor environmental data, and much more. With all workplace data available in a single platform, organizations can confidently make short, intermediate, and long-range decisions about everything from occupancy questions and how to optimize the workplace design to long-term real estate portfolio adjustments.

In just a little more than a year since we introduced FMS:Insights, it has already become an invaluable tool for some of the largest organizations around the globe.


“With FM:Systems workplace analytics solution, we can now get the level of true, unbiased insights necessary to really figure out who’s using our buildings and how they’re being used, allowing us to take a long, hard look at which spaces are performing well or not. This would not have been possible with our previous manual, error-prone tracking method to space management.” – Marshall Elliott, Learning Center Coordinator for Sutter Health.


Today, we’re excited to share that we’ve recently added several new features to FMS:Insights. With this new set of capabilities, we’ve expanded the amount of data and the types of data sources, giving organizations new ways to assess facility performance and forecast future needs.



Performance Score Dashboard

The Performance Score Dashboard takes multi-data-point analysis to a new level, allowing users to compile different data sets, give weight to a set of KPIs and then compare building and facility performance across multiple metrics, including average utilization, cost of underutilization and the budgeted cost per year. FMS:Insights users can individually rank eight different KPIs, depending on the users’ preference. This powerful, flexible dashboard gives users unique insight into other facets of facility performance across the portfolio.


Sensor Live View

The new Sensor Live View feature gives FMS:Insights users a near-real time view of occupancy and activity so they can make informed real estate and workplace decisions based on actual occupancy and utilization. This display is compatible with all sensor types, including FM:Systems’ passive infrared (PIR) occupancy sensors as well as third-party open area sensors and is often displayed in a lobby or at the entrance to a floor. This display is ideal for a flexible, open hybrid work environment where employees can choose a workspace based on the current availability. This empowers workers to choose the best environment for the task at hand; someone seeking an area for deep focus work could choose a less occupied area, while those in the office to network or collaborate would seek out the higher traffic areas. The ability for employees to easily find the right workspace for the day is a key component in successful hybrid work environments.


Average Utilization Threshold

The new Average Utilization Threshold feature allows FMS:Insights users to set threshold goals on the utilization dashboard that are then displayed on all widgets. This new visual indicator ensures constant visibility of these goals. It enables users to view them against their current utilization data, helping them visualize how close they are to their target utilization rate and how different facilities are performing. It also provides a quick visual indicator of anomalies and pattern changes.

Sensor Partners

FM:Systems currently partners with two open area sensor vendors with integration into FMS:Insights. We are actively developing integrations and partnerships with other sensor vendors and potential workplace data sources, as our goal is to help you capture the data that will power your decisions. To learn more about how FMS:Insights delivers portfolio-level analytics and cross-product insights and to schedule a demo, visit www.fmsystems.com/products/workplace-analytics.

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