FM:Systems Introduces FMS:Insights

Platform optimizes workplace utilization using advanced analytics 

RALEIGH, N.C., April 26, 2022 — FM:Systems, provider of the most scalable and intuitive all-in-one digital workplace platform, today announced the availability of FMS:Insights, a multi-data point analysis platform that features native integration to streamline workplace spatial and bookings data, as well as occupancy and environmental sensor data. With all workplace data available on a single platform, FMS:Insights empowers organizations to optimize their real estate and employee experience based on informed, data-driven decisions.

“The shift to the hybrid workplace introduces the latest phase of uncertainty among real estate and facility teams,” said Kurt von Koch, CEO, FM:Systems. “This is a critical time for business leaders as they juggle adapting their organizations to entirely new work models and technologies, while also maintaining a consistent company culture. With FMS:Insights, businesses can measure the effectiveness of their post-pandemic return to work strategies and forecast activities taking place within their facilities at a scale not possible with manual, error-prone data crunching processes.”

FMS:Insights automates data gathering, aggregation, analysis, and reporting to provide powerful insights on workplace utilization and employee mobility. Using the secure FM:Systems cloud platform, organizations can monitor millions of square feet worldwide. The module leverages data sources already in place within the organization to provide granular analytics on a range of key performance indicators (KPIs), including employee attendance, underutilization and congestion, departmental utilization and collaboration, along with meetings’ size, frequency, and duration. Its notifications and alerts combined with real-time interactive maintenance performance dashboards and real estate portfolio summary dashboards keeps decision makers informed on these KPIs and benchmarks for strategic planning.

By obtaining statistically accurate peak and average utilization data instead of purely attendance information, FMS:Insights can improve collaboration and employee utilization with actionable insights for workplace experience. The platform is designed for future growth, with options for additional data sources that will include additional IoT sensor types and badge and Wi-Fi data. These different data sources will provide more context for delivering deeper insights and analytics. The data powering FMS:Insights is rigorously managed to protect employee privacy. Before being transferred, data is stripped of any personal information, and all key identifiers are hashed. All data is encrypted in transmission and at rest. FMS:Insights is also GDPR-compliant.

“Tracking and analyzing the performance of workplace data should never be a one-time event, especially with real estate being the second largest cost center for employers,” said Brian Haines, Chief Strategy Officer, FM:Systems. “And now, during this transitional period with employees heading back to the office largely under the hybrid model, FMS:Insights is going to be the strategic weapon behind companies looking to create control out of chaos. Only with good workplace data combined with actionable insights can organizations really keep a pulse on how, when and where to make intelligent improvements throughout their real estate.

Availability and Additional Information

FMS:Insights is available now for purchase. To learn more about how FMS:Insights delivers portfolio-level analytics and cross-product insights, visit To see FMS:Insights, along with the complete FM:Systems Workplace Management Solutions, visit the team at IFMA Facility Fusion conference in Austin, Texas at booth #216 – in collaboration with AMS. Haines will also be presenting at the conference on “Leaning into Uncertainty: How to Refocus and Rationalize the Workplace of the Future” on Wednesday, April 27 at 4:15 p.m.


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