I am concluding my “best practices of improving your move process” blog series that I started in my Heading up a Move post, which discusses how an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) can assist you in reaching your facilities desired move process goals.

Automate move management tasks

A fully integrated workplace management system provides Web based forms for move requests and automatically generates e-mail updates to involved parties. Information is electronically routed through the appropriate channels for review and approval beforehand, thus reducing bottlenecks further along the timeline. These communication improvements create accountability which results in minimal downtime during moves and reduces overall costs. “We can set up our move management system to send automated e-mails,” said Dave Kuiper, CFM, workplace strategist at Herman Miller in Zeeland, MI. “We’ve used this to send surveys to get feedback for continuous improvement from our partners. This is one factor that has helped us increase our group’s customer satisfaction rate to 97%.”

IWMS Advantage: Easy to use.
Intuitive, point-and-click designs of the leading IWMS enable users of varying skill levels to work together in an automated environment. This level of usability is required for the adoption of move management systems by internal customers and other move stakeholders. Web based systems that automate the move process can be the innovative facility manger’s solution to reducing the cost and downtime from churn, creating a better work environment. Client/server or desktop applications of the past provided basic move planning functionality but required extensive user training, and, as a result, were not well suited to extending to users across the organization. Today’s Web-based technology provides real-time, comprehensive move management solutions that allow for easy adoption.