Become a Change Agent with Facilities Scenario Planning

I recently did a presentation for the Chicago Chapter of IFMA focused on how emerging technologies has lead to rapid change in how organizations are managing their space.  These changes are creating challenges and opportunities for facility management teams as we are all more mobile than ever. These exciting new technologies are right at our finger tips and can help us to better optimize the use of our facilities.

One of the best ways to get out in front of change is to develop an effective data driven planning strategy for your organization which can help you to synthesize information from all aspect of your facilities operations.  Facilities scenario planning with FM:Interact’s Scenario Planning capabilities is a great place to start to get a better handle on your short, medium and long range space plans.

Become an agent of change with FM:Interact’s powerful new module specifically built for space and space and occupancy scenario planning allowing you to proactively plan for and manage change in your physical space inventory.

Evaluate your Options with scenario planning by providing users with tools to create phased floor plan reconfiguration scenarios based on departmental and spatial requirements as well as analyze the costs associated with different scenarios.  The Scenario Planning module enables space planners to evaluate multiple planning scenarios with interactive stacking and blocking tools including expansions, reorganizations, consolidations, reconfigurations and unexpected events such as environmental disasters that can have a sudden and unanticipated impact on the operational readiness of facilities.

  • Evaluate multiple planning scenarios including associated costs
  • Manage a variety of scenarios such as expansions, contraction and reconfigurations
  • Pre-plan for drastic change brought on by unexpected events such as natural disasters

Power your space program with FM:Interact’s Scenario Planning module which can help you to understand, document and confirm internal customers’ needs and how their groups will use space.  Because Scenario Planning is a fully integrated module in the FM:Interact platform, you have access to all of the information already contained in the system including building information, occupants and asset.  With scenario planning users can:

  • Ensure the quality of your plans with integrated space standards checking
  • Visualize your scenarios with interactive stacking and blocking
  • Control access to specific scenarios by defining plan owners and plan viewers
  • Seamlessly transition your selected scenario into FM:Interact’s Move Management module

You can find out more about our Scenario Planning module by signing up to watch our scenario planning video here