Healthcare Facilities and BIM

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I recently presented at a BIM for healthcare event in Orange County California hosted by our partner US CAD. I was joined in presenting by Chuck Mies from Autodesk as well as our keynote speaker Andy Jizba from Mayo. The audience was excellent and contained not only AEC professionals but also several facility team members from hospital organizations in Southern California. The goal of this event was to educate the attendees on the opportunities for a more tightly integrated BIM lifecycle view of healthcare facilities. More specifically the following points were highlighted.

• How BIM is changing the Healthcare industry
• How to deliver BIM to healthcare owners in the future and win more work
• How Healthcare organizations may need to use building data in the future
• What information is most valuable to healthcare organizations
• What model information can quickly be leveraged for operations and maintenance upon project completion

The primary item that was evident at this event is the promise of BIM is now being realized in a number of ways that are already helping healthcare organizations to design, build and operate more efficient safer facilities for their patients. This is being supported by workflows and technologies that are helping AEC teams and hospital owners use highly coordinate designs that have been optimized through efficient analysis enabled by BIM. The second item to surface was that healthcare organizations that own and operate their facilities need guidance as to how to carry the value of BIM from building design and construction into operations.
Specific benefits of keeping a BIM alive as building operations begin include:

• Smoother transition to facilities operations
• Leverages BIM investment for the building lifecycle
• Greater efficiency and accuracy of as maintained building data (No polylining!)
• Models are ready for future projects

All of these items and more can be managed with a BIM based lifecycle view of healthcare facilities in mind with our BIM integration to our CAFM/IWMS platform which is FM:Interact. I’ll cover the benefits of FM:Interact for Healthcare Facilities in my next post.

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