Manage Change in your Facilities with Scenario Planning

The traditional approaches to reactive space management are being replaced by creative, proactive ideas in workplace strategy. FM:Systems is on the leading edge of these new ways of working which include Alternative Workplace Strategies (AWS), Scenario Planning, mobile technologies, sustainability, and BIM. One of the areas of innovation I want to focus on today is Scenario Planning.

Plan For and Manage Change in Your Facilities Physical Space Inventory

scenario planningScenario Planning is all about getting to where you want to go with your facilities. Running scenarios that take into account best practices from your past combined with modeling for future change is an excellent way to ensure the most effective utilization of your facilities over time.

Being able to evaluate multiple planning scenarios including associated costs is a critical component of ensuring that your facilities are used effectively over time. Change is constant in most facilities portfolios and teams are constantly challenged to manage a variety of scenarios including expansions, contractions, re-configurations and even need to consider plans for drastic change brought on by unexpected changes such as natural disasters.

Evaluate your Space Options

FM:Interact Scenario Planning provides users with tools to create phased floor plan reconfiguration scenarios based on departmental and spatial requirements as well as analyze the costs associated with different scenarios. The Scenario Planning Module enables you to:

  • Evaluate multiple planning scenarios including associated costs
  • Manage a variety of scenarios such as expansions, contraction and reconfigurations
  • Pre-plan for drastic change brought on by unexpected events such as natural disasters

Power Your Space Program

FM:Interact Scenario Planning can help you to understand, document, and confirm internal customers’ needs and how their groups will use space. Because Scenario Planning is a fully integrated module in the FM:Interact platform, you have access to all of the information already contained in the system including building information, occupants and asset. With scenario planning users can:

  • Ensure the quality of your plans with integrated space standards checking
  • Control access to specific scenarios by defining plan owners and plan viewers
  • Seamlessly transition your selected scenario into FM:Interact’s Move Management Module

Scenario Planning with FM:Interact

Predicting the space needs of your organization years—or even months out—can be tough knowing a single mistake could cost millions of dollars. This makes the FM:Interact Scenario Planning capabilities of the Strategic Planning module essential for the planning of your organizational changes.