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Today’s facility professionals are beginning to spend more time out in the field than sitting at their desk. With today’s advance in technology, facility managers can have access to their facility data while they are in the field. In the past it could take hours to get a report to your manager, or valuable time would be lost by having to run back to your desk to view an open work order. Your days can now be managed more efficiently and you can have more flexibility in how and where you manage your facilities. This can all be done with FM:Systems FM:Mobile™ module.

FM:Mobile enables access to FM:Interact® data from an Apple® iPad® or iPhone®. Simple tasks, such as creating, looking up, editing and closing work orders can be done on-the-go instead of waiting until the next day when you are back at your desk. Walking the field and see a piece of equipment that is broken? You can take a picture with your iPad or iPhone and upload it to a work order request while you continue on with your day. You have the simple navigation and the additional Apple gestures such as pinch to zoom in order to easily navigate floor plans and zoom in on associated details.

FM:Systems has come up with FM:Mobile to help facility professionals solve problems that they face in their everyday routine, those whose jobs are mobile. Now, like never before, you are able to have access to facilities data while you are in the field, are able to achieve greater productivity, and can complete data entry and updates with better speed and accuracy by being able to access rich facilities information and drawings anytime and anywhere.

We have a variety of tools for you to better understand FM:Mobile and see how it can benefit you and your organization. Contact us today to find out more.

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