Moving to Integrated Workplace Management

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Manual methods of move management that most organizations use result in miscommunication and scheduling errors that can lead to time-consuming, problematic moves. Technology can automate the move management process and open the lines of communication between all parties involved. An automated approach can also reduce the costs associated with moves. Costs include time spent planning, coordinating and executing moves, employee downtime during moves, and errors and miscommunications.

Web-based systems that automate the move process can be the innovative facility manager’s solution to reducing the cost and downtime from churn and creating a better working environment. Client/server or desktop applications of the past provided basic move planning functionality, but required extensive user training and, as a result, were not well suited to extending to users across the organization.

Today’s web-based technology provides real-time, comprehensive move management solutions that allow for easy adoption. Move management solutions are a key component of Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS). IWMS solutions enable:

  • Increased visibility into current and planned space utilization for everyone involved in the move process.
  • Expanded self-service capabilities for internal customers to reduce the time required to manage move requests.
  • Improved communication within the organization, allowing move planners or liaisons (typically a department administrative assistant) to work directly with all involved parties.
  • Automated collaboration and coordination of move schedules and dependencies. Once a manual process, this helps to ensure that tasks are performed in the proper order and on time.
  • Improved tracking of move activities and costs.
  • Better strategic analysis through move surveys that uncover process improvements by identifying problems with the move process and “lessons learned” for future moves.

We have a move management webinar next week on Wednesday, July 31 at 2:00 pm EST. Register now to learn how you can begin automating your move management process…

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