New FMx5 Viewer Features will Amaze

Having worked in the Facilities Management world for over 20 years now I have had the privilege of working with the very basics of AutoCAD and Excel files, to the best IWMS software available – FM:Interact.  With FM:Systems latest product offering:  FM:Interact 8.4, comes a brand new floorplan view engine called FMx5 viewer and lest you think this is another gimmick, think again.  I have used FM:Interact since its inception (it was called FM:Web way back when) as a customer and absolutely loved the ability to provide floor plans to our entire customer base right from the web.  It has been exciting to see new features and functionality continually developed by FM:Systems and the new FMx5 viewer is something worthy of writing about.  What could be so cool and useful to get me to blog about, well I’m glad you asked…

A number of years ago FM:Systems developed functionality that allowed a Power User to be able to assign and vacate spaces without leaving the graphics which was a huge time saver for managing all the squatters that like to move themselves within an organization.  Well, the FMx5 viewer takes this feature to a whole new level, in fact, it is out of this world!  Think – drag and drop meets maturity!  Think of walking a floor and being able to drag a person from one location to another in one swipe of your mouse or your finger (when using FM:Mobile), think of dragging a person from a location into a queue and being able to assign them later as you move through the floor and find them at the opposite end.  And now think of… well, you get the idea, it is one impressive time saving feature worth talking about.

But wait, there’s more.  If you think drag and drop is cool, then how about being able to do multi-edits on spaces without leaving the graphic view.  That’s right, no longer are you only limited to AutoCAD or using the Administrator multi-edit function, you can now make changes by selecting groups of spaces right within the flooplan graphic view using a Shift+Click & Drag then right click and edit, yes folks it really is that simple.

I’m not done yet… How about printing capabilities like printing the whole floorplan or printing just the view that you’ve zoomed into, and how about those of you who always like PDF’s, there is also an Export to PDF function.  And if all this wasn’t enough, the FMx5 viewer works on all the latest browsers without a plugin.  I know you just read that again, “no plugin required!”  The FMx5 viewer works with the latest HTML5 capable browsers, this means IE, Firefox, Safari and Chrome and from Mac or PC, if your browser supports HTML5 then you need nothing more.  No more long lectures from IT about Active X and other plugins because the FMx5 viewer is truly plug and play.

Now do you understand why I was so excited to blog about this, it truly is something worth talking about and there is more I’d like to share with even more exciting new features with this technology coming soon, so stay tuned and please contact FM:Systems to find out more.