Partnering with CODEP to Provide Modern Day Technology to Haitians

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Giving Back to the Community

Two years ago FM:Systems generously donated six refurbished laptops and money to purchase a generator to CODEP, a program that provides Haitians with basic tools and knowledge in order to help them build better lives for themselves.

FM:Systems partnered with CODEP in an effort to help Haitians develop everyday skills that they can use to succeed in the workforce. These skills consist of basic computer and business skills inside of the Microsoft Office Suite.

We recently learned that they have completed building a new Depot that is comprised of a roof and walls that allow free flowing air into the building and holds about twelve individuals. This Depot is where individuals go to learn basic computing skills led by John Winings, the Executive Director of the Haiti Fund. They have a total of ten computers that they rotate turns using while learning some basics in Excel, including how to perform functions such as calculating sums and dividing numbers in columns. They also enjoyed a fun lesson on how to calculate how many days old each person in the class was!

Next steps for CODEP is to develop a full curriculum so local Haitians can continue learning knowledge skills that will help them maintain a self-sustaining lifestyle for themselves and their families.

We are proud to say we are making the lives better in Haiti and hope to continue working with them and other organizations in the future!

Interested in learning more about CODEP?

CODEP is part of the Haiti Fund, and was founded to help improve the health of the local community in Haiti. Reforestation quickly became a major issue that they needed to respond to since most of the trees had been cut in Haiti, causing erosion and only leaving a few spring-fed gullies. In an effort to recreate the soils, CODEP focused its efforts to teaching local Haitians how to farm so they could have food and sell it in local markets to provide incomes for themselves. CODEP provided all the necessary tools and resources needed to make this happen as well as volunteers that helped teach these individuals how to support themselves.

Find out more information about CODEP and the Haiti Fund.

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