Using RightPath for Successful IWMS Implementation

Best practices combined with a solution to meet your requirements and goals

One of the most frequent questions we get asked by companies who are interested in our Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS), FM:Interact, is how we get them successfully implemented once they become a customer. The answer is simple, we use a RightPath solution, which is a proven process based on hundreds of our successful customer projects and decades of experience. Having this process in place allows us to deploy our customer’s projects on time, within the budget that was initially specified, and with measurable results that we have found to be dramatically faster than those of competing products.

Proven Implementation Methodology

Our methodology includes several stages, including solution configuration, project management, and knowledge transfer activities. Each of these steps was created to ensure the smooth implementation and efficiency of our IWMS solution. Our RightPath process is a proven methodology that was compiled from all our best practices, past experiences, and is then combined with each of our customers unique needs in order to provide each one of them with a tailored solution that meets their defined requirements and goals.
Each one of our customers gets a dedicated project manager who provides them with guidance around each step of the project. They also work closely with them to establish a project schedule with defined roles and responsibilities to ensure the successful completion of the project. Our methodology includes key project check points to ensure deadlines are monitored, open items are addressed in a timely manner, and their sponsors and our sponsors are well informed on the project status. On average, one of our standard implementations spans a 20 week period and includes fixed priced implementation, meaning both timing and cost are highly predictable.

Realize New Business Value

Our RightPath process combined with the easy yet powerful configurability of FM:Interact enables organizations to rapidly respond to changing requirements and realize new business value. This means that FM:Interact is truly integrated which results in faster implementations, less complexity, and lower risk, and most importantly, a more dependable ROI.