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What Does “Configurable” Mean When it Comes to IWMS and Why is it Important?

When it comes to Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) one size does not fit all. Not only does every organization have unique software needs, but additionally they all have unique business processes and rules in place that the software needs to meet to be successful and lead to dependable ROI.

Therefore, it is essential to understand how flexible or configurable an IWMS is before purchasing to ensure it will be an effective solution for your organization.

What does the word “configurable” even mean?

Configurable software provides a variety of options for users to modify the interface or workflows driving user experience without having a background in IT or computer programming.

A configurable IWMS provides extremely flexible features that are easy to manage. The source or core code of the software is never touched, rather configurations are saved to the database.

Ok but what’s the difference between configurable and customizable?

Although the dictionary definitions of “Configurable” and “Customizable” may be very similar, that is not the case when it comes to IWMS. A lot of software vendors will say their product is configurable, but beware – in reality they mean customizable which can require more technical resources and more money.

Ah! Makes sense… but what makes FM:Systems different?

Unlike other IWMS products that have been “assembled” through mergers and acquisitions, all FM:Interact modules have been solely developed in-house by the FM:Systems product team. FM:Interact was built from the ground up to be easily configured to our customers’ business processes. This avoids the high cost, long timeframes and risks associated with customizing other IWMS products or the development of custom or “bespoke” systems.

The easy yet powerful configurability of FM:Interact enables organizations to rapidly respond to changing requirements and realize new business value. This means that FM:Interact is truly integrated, resulting in faster implementations, less complexity and lower risk… and ensure ROI.

Keep your eyes out for part II of blog series to coming in the next few weeks to learn more about the specific ways users can make FM:Interact an even more powerful tool through simple configurations.