Facility Management Software for Government

 Manage, Share, and Prove the Effectiveness of Initiatives

Increased accountability due to government mandates has created the need for facilities professions to provide insight into the effective management of government real estate property assets through their entire lifecycle.

Requirements for improved operational, environmental and financial performance of government facilities are also at an all-time high. With FM:Systems federal government clients can manage, share and prove the effectiveness of their initiatives towards accomplishing these goals.

FM:Systems Allows Government Facility Professionals to:

Meet & Exceed BIM Deliverable Requirements

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) requires the delivery of Building Information Modeling (BIM) for major federal building projects. FM:Systems offers a direct integration with Autodesk® Revit® software for BIM which leverages building information modeling data to improve communication and collaboration between stakeholders as a building evolves.

Comply With Government Mandates & Requirements

By providing easy-to-use tools to better understand the utilization and allocation of space our clients are able to improve occupancy rates and space utilization with detailed space inventories, accurate occupancy data and to manage facilities benchmarks.

Reduce Real Estate Costs & Manage KPI's

FM:Interact can alert you of high-cost properties or leases through reports and email notifications and can help you manage Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

The FM:Systems Solution for Government Facility Management

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FM:Systems provides tools for federal agencies to improve operational, financial and environmental performance of federal real estate property assets. Executive orders have required executive branch agencies to establish asset management plans, measure appropriate performance measures and prioritize actions to ensure the effective management of federal real estate property assets through their entire lifecycle.

With Our Software, you will:

  • Set a single source of truth for your information
  • Prove the effectiveness of government initiatives
  • Improved operational, environmental, and financial real estate performance goals
  • Bring clarity to financial decision making
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Optimize & Streamline Your Facilities Management

Arm your teams with accurate, real-time space and occupancy data