Having accurate space, asset, operational and integrated data from other campus systems is critical to managing a campus

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FM:Systems has provided universities such as Indiana University, NC State University and Xavier University with products to streamline space utilization reports to ensure appropriate state funding.

FM:Interact Allows Higher Education Clients to:

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Improve efficiency & accuracy of your space campus-wide

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Gather Higher Education General Information Survey (HEGIS) information

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Maximize ICR

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Streamline space surveys



Grants are centered around accurate space management. Get the most out of your facilities by keeping track of the details.

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FM:Systems specifically developed a module called FM Survey which is designed for universities and other larger nonprofit organizations managing facilities, grants, and sponsored research.

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Whether our clients need to manage accurate and defensible space utilization data for Indirect Cost Recovery (ICR) or provide one-click reporting on space and physical assets according to Facilities Inventory and Classification Manual (FICM) standards they can rest assured knowing that FM:Interact gives them the power, ease of use and control they need to get their jobs done.

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Xavier University takes advantage of BIM for design, construction, and operations as it adds four buildings to its campus.

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“We vigorously investigated 6 different software solutions, and
found only one that met, and exceeded, our expectations."

  -Dan Yohey, Drexel University

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How Boston University Capitalizes on Technology to Improve Efficiency and Accuracy of Campus Space


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