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Save Countless Hours with Automated Space Productivity Reports

Facility management software provides universities with accurate, real-time data on space productivity to drive indirect cost recovery (ICR) rates. Most universities waste thousands of dollars and countless hours doing manual space surveys for ICR. Using technology to collect and analyze accurate, integrated data will help you track, survey and report the use of your resources for grants, sponsored research projects and more.

This leads to better ICR and smarter use of one of your most expensive assets—your real estate. With an average cost of over $400 per academic square foot, every single foot counts at your institution. And if you’re keeping track of your real estate using outdated, manual spreadsheets or clunky DIY solutions, then you don’t really know how your space is being used.

With FM:Systems, Your Entire Organization Will Benefit:

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CFO & Provost

Simplify your annual space surveys across your entire organization, get the defensible data that you need, and drive ICR rates to maximize your funding

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Executive Leadership for Research

Get strategic about research space allocation, providing space to the faculty members who are delivering the best productivity levels

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The Facilities Manager

Meet annual cost-saving goals with better insights into your space and assets--identify areas to reduce costs or streamline efficiencies

With Our Software, you will:

- Get defensible data & maximize ICR rates

- Streamline space surveys

- Set a single source of truth for your information

- Do away with outdated spreadsheets

- Easily manage principal investigators

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Case Studies

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How Boston University facilitated a more collaborative & strategic view of their campus facilities

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Xavier University streamlined their operations and accelerated the pace of their production schedules with IWMS technology

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Drexel University used accurate, real-time facility data to manage churn and better utilize their campus space

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Why You Need Technology To Optimize Space Surveys & Drive ICR

It’s time to start asking yourself: Are your Facilities & Administrative (F&A) audits taking too much time and effort? Are you not getting the funding you were hoping for? Are you struggling to track and monitor research space allocations in the first place?

If your answers are yes, then accurate, real-time data is the key to your problems.

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