Resilient businesses have an emergency preparedness plan ready for any crisis.

FM:Systems CEO, Kurt Von Koch, discusses with Business Insider the steps to take for a business to be resilient through a crisis.

SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) carried out a survey in April 2020 that found 24% of employers didn’t have an emergency preparedness plan before he pandemic.

Kurt von Koch, CEO of FM:Systems, wasn’t surprised. “So often organizations are hyper-focused on running the day-to-day pieces of their business like growing sales, retaining clients, or solving problems and are not able to take a step back and discuss what they would do if a flood, hurricane, or other existential threat were to impact their company,” he said. Organizations have mostly always planned for smaller-scale, local disaster response, but von Koch said they need to use what they’ve learned from the pandemic to prepare for emergencies on a broader scope.

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