Asset Management - Link to AutoCAD & Revit

Asset Management

Asset Management

Asset Management

Asset Management

Make an Asset of Your Assets

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Your organization’s assets make up a large and costly financial investment. Do you have the tools to track them effectively? With FM:Interact’s Asset Management module you can link assets to AutoCAD and Revit blocks and families on floor plans for easy location, ownership and access to product information such as warranties and depreciation values, greatly improving efficiencies in maintenance and personnel move processes.



  • Accurately maintain asset counts across your entire portfolio and improve accountability by tracking asset assignments
  • Understand the true financial impacts of your asset portfolio by tracking acquisition costs, asset depreciation and lifecycle costs
  • Improve your asset lifecycle planning by managing warranties, conditions and expected service end dates


  • Take control of your entire asset inventory including managing location, assignments, ownership, warranties, maintenance history and condition
  • Easily manage bi-directional integration with asset blocks and families on your AutoCAD and Revit drawings and models
  • Quickly run reports that compile, list and analyze data about your fixed and moveable facilities assets across your entire facilities inventory