Space Management

Space Management

Space Management



Space Management

Make Every Space Count

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Imagine managing every space in every building in your portfolio–without leaving your computer. The Space Management module is designed to give facility professionals, department liaisons and executive management complete visibility into space and occupancy.



  • Take control of your entire physical space inventory including managing occupancy, allocations and chargebacks
  • Reduce costs by better utilizing your space, optimizing occupant densities and eliminating or reducing vacancies
  • Increase accuracy, visibility and availability of space data by providing selective secure access to data, reports and floor plans to stakeholders within your organization


  • Manage and classify space data by type, use, allocation and more in a completely secure and highly flexible web-based environment.
  • Quickly run reports from information tracked in the system including available space and occupancy.
  • Easily manage bi-directional integration with your existing AutoCAD and Revit facility drawings and models.