Facility Maintenance Management Software

Upkeep your facility to keep things running as planned

What is facility maintenance management?

Maintaining facilities at optimal levels is a huge undertaking for any organization. Keeping up with everyday maintenance is one thing. But planning for the future or responding in the event of a disaster or emergency takes facility maintenance to new levels. There are three common types of maintenance: predictive (or proactive), corrective and preventive.

Facility management software systems is the key to making sure your facilities operate optimally now and into the future, and significant cost savings can be realized. An IWMS (integrated workplace management system) is an upgrade to existing CMMS software (computer maintenance management systems) because it offers enterprise-wide access to facility maintenance, advanced visualization of facility CAD and BIM drawings and connects this information to all other facility data and workflows including space, assets, moves, projects and more.

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What is facility maintenance management software?

Facility maintenance management software is designed to unlock your facility management potential in one interface, allowing you to track current projects, plan for emergencies and create updates based on maintenance requests, including tracking work orders in real-time. Armed with all of this information, you can keep your facilities up to date to avoid costly downtime, prevent breakdowns before they happen, plan preventive maintenance and better respond in the event of a disaster or other unplanned circumstances.  

Benefits of Facility Maintenance Software

facility maintenance

Track current and future service requests to keep your organization running smoothly


Eliminate costly inefficiencies related to preventable downtime or facility disruption


Plan for worst-case-scenarios related to disasters or emergencies

How does data make your facility safer?

Data plays a huge role in facility maintenance. In fact, trying to implement a company-wide facility maintenance program without consistent accurate data can have serious safety, regulatory and financial consequences. Data provides the information your company needs to make smart decisions and in the case of facilities, these decisions can have serious safety implications that impact lives.


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Benefits of FM:Systems' Facility Maintenance Management Software

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Keep Facilities Running Smoothly

Eliminate confusion or chaos by having all of your facility maintenance requests in one central location

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Track Service Requests in Real-Time

Service requests are visible as they're made with instant notifications routed to the appropriate technician for fast service and repairs

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Keep Up with Maintenance to Cut Costs

Save money while mitigating the risk of deferred maintenance costs

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Recover faster after an emergency

Keep track of your disaster recovery plans to get back to business as quickly as possible

Meet fixME

The mobile application for maintenance technicians, that empowers teams to quickly create service requests and complete breakouts with little or no network connectivity. Upon returning to network coverage, all details recorded within the application automatically synchronize with FM:Interact, so no work time or recorded work is lost.

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Key features of the right facility maintenance software:

  • Cloud-based and secure
  • Can be accessed from anywhere - particularly in the case of a disaster or emergency
  • Provides accurate future planning capabilities
  • Helps teams communicate across departments
  • Integrates with AutoCAD drawings or Revit models

Maintenance Dashboards

With the ability to manage Maintenance Dashboards, you can keep your organization running smoothly by eliminating costly inefficiencies. Armed with visually rich displays and powerful data, it’s never been easier to communicate upwards with business leaders and key executive stakeholders. When you provide full metrics transparency, you can guarantee your entire facility team is on the same page.

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Learn more about facility maintenance for:

maint pred - Facility Maintenance Management

Predictive Maintenance

Use data to anticipate and identify issues before they arise

maint prev - Facility Maintenance Management

Preventive Maintenance

Pre-plan to make sure your facilities are operating at the highest levels they can

maint corr - Facility Maintenance Management

Corrective Maintenance

Manage warranties and keep tabs on future maintenance requests

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