FM:Interact provides pharmaceutical facility professionals with the solutions they need to maximize occupancy and accommodate business needs across multiple locations and departments.

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FM:Interact enables pharmaceutical facility professionals to share information across their entire organization, easily integrate with other systems and departments such as information services, human resources, security and finance in order to increase data integrity. FM:Interact greatly increases the productivity of facilities departments by providing them with real-time access to accurate and reliable reporting, helping to identify processes that are working and those that need improvement.

FM:Interact Allows Pharmaceutical clients to:

Integrate into third party solutions:

Share real-time information with other solutions such as human resources, security and finance.

Improve space utilization:

Run reports on accurate and reliable space information to forecast growth across locations and departments.

Gain enterprise-wide visibility:

Share information across multiple systems and departments to gain insight into employee occupancy.

$60 Million in Savings

When the company needed to add capacity, it considered leasing a new building, building a new structure or better utilizing existing space. FM:Systems gave the company more visibility into the organization’s occupancy structure, enabling it to see the opportunity to leverage existing space rather than purchasing or building a new one. Taking this high-density approach saved the company $60 million in capital expenses associated with a potential new structure or lease. Rather than taking 18 months to build a new structure, it reconfigured the existing space it already had in only six weeks.

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