Facility Management Software for Retail Companies

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Centralize Your Dynamic Facility Portfolio

One of the biggest challenges for retail facilities professionals is managing property and spatial information for a large, diverse and dynamic facility portfolio. FM:Interact allows retail clients to streamline their internal collaboration, improve communication with tenants and share information with project teams worldwide. Manage the constant movement of tenants and thousands of leases with an easy to use software solution that can be accessed and updated by key members of your organization.

FM:Systems Allows Retail Facility Professionals to:

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Improve tenant satisfaction

Streamline internal processes and improve communication with tenants and suppliers.

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Leverage real-time data

Allow employees and tenants to upload and update property and lease information with real-time access to data.

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Avoid lost revenue

Easily track and manage all of your space and re-lease vacant properties faster to avoid lost revenue.

With Our Software, you will:

- Set a single source of truth for your information

- See the real value of the space you have

- Quickly adapt to the workspaces of tomorrow

- Manage mergers and acquisitions with ease

- Bring clarity to financial decision making

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The FM:Systems Solution for Retail Organizations

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FM:Systems provides retail clients with a central location for all important property and space information about their facility portfolio. Easily view all your properties, square footage and other building information, giving you and your team the bird’s eye view that can help you make better management decisions and reduce costs.  Manage all of your leases including important dates, documents and financial terms all from one location.

FM:Systems' strategic planning capabilities allows you to master the “what-if” and get a visual depiction of what your space and occupancy might look like in the future. Not only does make it planning more efficient, it can help you align your space portfolio with the business or operational requirements of your organization.

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