WizzPass is now part of FM:Systems

WizzPass is now FMS:Engage a complete future-of-work platform – that brings people together and elevates the workplace experience with intuitive solutions for the modern employee and visitor.

Workspace Booking

FMS:Engage simplifies the modern workplace with easy desk and room booking. Interactive floor plans and visibility of available resources ensure your employees have access to the tools and space they need to do their best work. From reserving an individual workstation to coordinating important client meetings, or booking a space next to a colleague, FMS:Engage offers an intuitive scheduling experience from the web, Outlook, or your mobile device.

Visitor Management

The FMS:Engage Visitor Management system delivers a superior visitor experience and an industry-leading solution that reduces your security and compliance risk while improving your organization’s brand. With intuitive check-in kiosks and a variety of options including parcel management, FMS:Engage allows you to create a safe and seamless experience for all occupants from invitation to departure.

Delivery & Parcel Management

Parcel and Delivery Management can be a significant burden to office staff when managed manually. FMS:Engage streamlines the logging of package arrivals and collections and offers automatic notifications to employees, simplifying what can be a time-consuming process and improving the overall experience for both employees and administrative staff.

Health & Safety

Today there is a heightened awareness of the need to track occupants entering and leaving buildings as part of increased public health protocols and security risks. The increased flexibility in hybrid workplaces means business happens quickly and visitors and employees may be unexpected or last-minute. Maintaining your security and safety protocols while creating an inviting experience creates an ideal environment for high-quality work and productivity. Choose what suits your business best from options such as screening tests, video inductions, disclaimers, or health & safety questionnaires.

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