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What if you could move twice the number of people in half the time–and spend half as much? You can make it happen with the FM:Interact Move Management module. Whether you’re moving just one person, co-locating a cross-functional group or reorganizing an entire location, you can rely on the Move Management module to reduce move costs and deliver better service to your entire organization

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Intuitive Drag and Drop Interface

With the FM:Systems FMx5 viewer, you can drag and drop individuals from the floor plan to create a new move ticket or move project. Whether it is on the same floor or between buildings, this feature increases the efficiency of updating space assignments.

Top Rated Space Management Software

Independent research firm Verdantix Rates FM:Systems Space Management Solutions a perfect 3.0/3.0 Stars

A Fully Integrated Facilities Solution

The Move Management module automatically updates the Space Management module, ensuring your space and occupancy inventory is in realtime and reflects all the latest changes.

Improve Communication & Coordination

The Move Management module enables you to ensure that each step of the move process flows smoothly and according to plan. Keep everyone involved in the move with configurable workflows so you can make sure all participants including IT, movers, and other vendors are well informed.


  • Reduce your overall move costs by avoiding unnecessary moves and costly reconfiguration projects
  • Improve the productivity of your entire move planning team by giving them easy-to-use Web-based tools to manage individual and project moves
  • Provide better service to your organization by using tools to minimize move delays and improve communications with stakeholders


  • Display, track and manage room moves in tabular format, integrated reports or graphically on live floor plans
  • Integrate with your physical space inventory maintained in the FM:Interact Space Management model to ensure the accuracy of data utilized for moves
  • Quickly run reports that compile, list and analyze data about your individual or project moves including employees, departments, costs and more
Best Practices for Move Management
Learn about the recommended best practices that have been developed in the profession over the past decade as well as emerging trends in move management that are affecting today's move process.


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