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The Right Place at the Right Time

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Quickly Find and Reserve Rooms, Equipment, and Services

The advent of cloud and mobile technologies has revolutionized the modern workplace. Employees have new expectations for mobility, and employers are recognizing the myriad benefits of flexible workstyles and tech-savvy workplaces. Let FM:Systems pave the way for your organization with innovative scheduling solutions that deliver new levels of efficiency and productivity for your mobile, virtual, and traditional employees. From conference rooms and video conferencing facilities to shared workspaces and managed services, FM:Systems' meeting & room booking solution is ideal for any organization.

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Innovative Workplace Scheduling

Schedule meeting rooms, resources and services you need, quickly and easily. Better manage last minute changes, keeping your cool with information at the ready.

With an intuitive interface and configurable workflows, FMS:Employee can streamline your local office or optimize your global organization.

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With our room scheduling system, you can connect and create reservations from any device—desktop, tablet, or mobile. Use touch panels and kiosks check-in to workspaces and collaborate on-the-fly. Since everything is cloud-based, your system reflects changes in real-time and the schedule is always accurate.

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Make the most of your Outlook calendar by integrating with our room booking and resource scheduling software. You get the best of both worlds with a robust scheduling system in the familiar Outlook appointment.

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Ensure events and visitors are managed properly from start to finish. Set up new events and capture critical information with a few simple clicks. You can also track guest arrival and departure for improved service and security.

Flexible Management of Meeting Room and Shared Spaces

Today’s mobile workforce needs a flexible workplace to support innovation and productivity.

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Desk-sharing initiatives are the future of modern workplaces as cloud and mobile technologies offer an ‘anytime, anywhere’ work style.


Our resource booking system allows you to search available assets in multiple locations with a side-by-side comparison of local times, ensuring you set meetings at a time that works for everyone.


Our analytics will show you a wealth of information on how your employees work. The power of Big Data with data warehousing, interactive analytics, and report visualizations gives you actionable insights that can result in a significant ROI.

Advanced Scheduling & Analytics

Actionable insights, scalable architecture with enterprise class security.


Streamline complex orders and keep service providers one step ahead of your fast-paced organization with pricing and inventory controls and a dynamic management console.


Dive into the data and analyze trends by location, person, or department to understand what spaces are underutilized and under-performing, while also bringing into focus employee trends and preferences.


At FM:Systems, we take security seriously. We utilize world-class technology and industry-leading hosting procedures to ensure your company’s data is protected. Fully compliant and secure, FMS:Employee leverages an SSAE 16 / SOCii infrastructure and 24x7 monitoring.

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Room Scheduling Software For Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime

Create a tech-savvy workplace that simplifies scheduling with integrated kiosks and digital signage.

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Employee Productivity

Promote agile work, activity-based work and spontaneous collaboration with intuitive touch panels and kiosks that show real-time availability.

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Reporting Accuracy

Capturing ad-hoc meetings and controlling no-shows improves your utilization reporting, giving you better insight into how your meeting spaces is being used.

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Centralized Maintenance

Future configuration changes, updates, and maintenance are all done from a centralized web site, no need to physically visit each panel and kiosk.

Get More From Your Investments

Real estate and people are likely your biggest expenses — optimize both!

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