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Dynamic Workplace Solutions for an Agile, Mobile Workforce

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Elevate Your Workspace, Delight Your Workforce

Office hoteling systems and mobile workforce programs offer a powerful combination of improved employee productivity and real estate cost savings. Whether your corporate culture includes mobile employees or you’re introducing an agile work strategy, the key to success lies in user-friendly tools and a focus on employee change management. Office hoteling programs offer a
simple solution to support a mobile workforce with integrated tools for easy access.

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Resource Filters & Co-Worker Search

Interactive floorplans and intuitive filters make it easy to search for a window seat or one near a co-worker with whom you need to collaborate.

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Outlook Integration

Make the most of your Outlook calendar by integrating with our room and resource scheduling. You get the best of both worlds with a robust scheduling system in the familiar Outlook appointment.

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Mobile Workplace Scheduling

With our NowSpace™ mobile app, your mobile workforce will have easy access to resource availability and quick on-the-fly reservations.

Empower Workers' to Engage and Collaborate

Give employees easy access to calendars and reservations with the convenience of mobile scheduling

Asset 14 150x150 - Hoteling & Mobile WorkforceModern Apps for Mobile Workforce Scheduling

Deploy mobile technologies to keep pace with on-the-go employees. With NowSpace™ mobile scheduling, employees can easily find, reserve, and use workspaces and meeting rooms directly from their mobile devices.

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Flexible Scheduling for Agile Workers

Our office reservation system offers floorplan views and resource filters, available in the web or on a kiosk, that ensure the right space for the task at hand.

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Visualize Your Space

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Realtime Analytics from Your Mobile Workforce Allow you to Optimize Your Real Estate Layouts

True optimization is possible when you align your workforce strategy with your corporate real estate strategy. The cloud fuels big data, which in turn fuels your ability to make smart decisions. The FMS:Employee suite of SaaS software and IoT sensors help you collect real-time data to measure, understand, and improve space utilization based on your workforce dynamics.

For example, if you have a high volume of virtual workers who come to the office primarily to collaborate with co-workers and clients, consider fewer cubicles and more hot desks, collaboration spaces, virtual phone booths, and touchdown spaces.

Put the Power of Mobility Into Your Employees' Hands

 When workspace scheduling is just a click away on a mobile device, any workforce will become more productive and effective. Schedule a demo today!

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