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Visitor Management

Create a seamless experience for visitors and guests

Asset 67 - Visitor Management

What is Visitor Management?

Our Visitor Management solution lets you easily welcome guests into your facility by integrating seamlessly with a variety of workflows. This visitor identification system streamlines the check-in process, enforces security protocols, and creates the opportunity for true concierge experiences.

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Our Visitor Management Solution helps you manage:

Visitor One-Touch/Touchless Check-in 

 Badge Printing

Delivery & Parcel Management

COVID-19 Screening/Vaccine Status

 Person of Interest

Real-time Visitor Reporting


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visitor management 1 - Visitor Management

Create a Seamless Visitor Experience

Identify Visitors

Easily indicate meeting attendees that are external visitors during the reservation process, both in the web and Outlook, to automatically add them to visitor list.

Visitor Profiles

Give preferential treatment to VIP guests with visitor profiles to manage unique details and preferences.

Check-in & Badge Printing

Our unique 'Front Desk' interface is designed for an easy visitor check-in. Use the en masse check-in and printing for a fast check-in process.

Person of Interest

Enable additional protocols for guests requiring heightened security or individuals who pose a risk.

Ad-hoc Visitor Management

Have an unexpected guest? You can easily add visitors to maintain a seamless experience as well as any security protocol you have in place.

Visitor Reporting

Maintain accurate records of current visitors for emergency response, and confirm individuals for COVID-19 contact tracing.

visitor management 2 - Visitor Management

Seamlessly & Safely Manage Your Visitors

With our Visitor Management solution, you can make visitor scheduling and check-in easy and safe. Additional features include key card check-in for internal guests, custom visitor prompts, parking assignments and more. Contact us to get started today!

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