Take Greater Advantage of Your Revit Models for Facility Management

I am constantly seeing more and more professionals working from home and from remote locations such as coffee shops, restaurants, the airport, and co-working spaces. With today’s advancements in technology it makes it possible for us to work anytime and access our work information from anywhere.

We have made it possible for our customers to access their facilities data while they are out in the field which is a tremendous benefit for workers who are away from their desks and need to have access to information on the fly.

Mobile Tools for Mobile Workers

Building floor plan on a mobile deviceOur FM:Mobile module was purpose built for workers whose jobs require them to be out in the field accessing and updating their facilities information, such as maintenance workers who need access to open work orders and have the ability to close out requests, space managers who are constantly walking the floors to update their space and occupancy data, or any team member who needs access to their data, whether it be an allocation report or pulling up a floor plan to see where vacant space is.

None of this was possible just a few years ago and with the increase in data accuracy and employee productivity it is hard to look back to when workers had to go back to their workstations to access the same information they can now access on the fly with their mobile devices.

BIM in the Field

With FM:Mobile you can not only access your facilities data anytime and anywhere on a mobile device, you can also quickly and easily collect data on building equipment and assets and have that information immediately reflected in your Revit models. This allows you to take greater advantage of your Revit models for facility management and provides you with access to rich building data from any location.

A huge benefit of this BIM integration is the ability to have drawings and data from your models available to all your team members, even those who have little to no BIM experience, allowing them to keep those models accurate and up-to-date throughout the entire building lifecycle.

How do you learn more?

Each month we have complimentary live product webinars that demonstrate how our workplace management tools can help organizations save time, increase productivity, reduce occupancy costs, and improve employee satisfaction.

You can also check out our resource library, which has short videos, product datasheets, and guides to help you better manage your facilities and real estate portfolio.