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Facility management software lets businesses make smarter use of real estate, streamlines office moves, and improves morale by letting companies adapt with the changing landscape of how employees work. Strengthen your bottom line with reduced occupancy and maintenance costs. You may even identify unused space to rent or sell, unlocking new revenue streams.

From telecommuting and complicated moves to M&A’s and flexible workspaces, managing the space and assets of your company is a challenge. Are you using outdated spreadsheets to manage it all? Your facilities are likely your second most expensive asset, and one of your biggest opportunities for strategic change. It’s time to look for a technology to help you turn your real estate into a strategic asset.

With FM:Systems, Your Entire Organization Will Benefit:


Understand the potential value of your real estate, discover where changes can drive revenue or reduce costs, and prepare for future M&A

Operations & Facilities

Ditch the asset tracking spreadsheets and use technology to simplify floor planning scenarios, space reservation management, office moves and more

Human Resources

Modernize your workspace to adapt to current trends, optimize your floor plans to improve employee satisfaction, and attract--and keep--top talent

The FM:Systems Solution for Businesses & Corporations

The data on your facility usage is either trapped in the minds of your employees or in outdated spreadsheets. Both are prone to human error and require manual effort to report when needed. With FM:Systems’ Cloud-based space planning and facility management software, you’ll have this critical data at your fingertips, always accurate and available to whoever needs it, in real time. View and analyze this information with dashboards and easy-to-understand visualizations, and our mobile solutions allow access on the go.

With Our Software, you will:

- Set a single source of truth for your information

- See the real value of the space you have

- Quickly adapt to the workspaces of tomorrow

- Manage mergers and acquisitions with ease

- Bring clarity to financial decision making

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Customer Success Stories

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