FM:Interact provides financial institutions with the solutions needed to optimize the financial performance of both property and employee productivity with an enterprise-wide facilities management solution.

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FM:Interact enables financial institutions to improve service to their employees and customers and provides them with space utilization data for improved decision making. With an easy to use software solution, financial institutions have the ability to streamline their facilities management process across any of their locations or departments and quickly dispatch requests to the facilities team, engineers or appropriate vendors. Provide your facilities team with constant, real-time access and greater visibility into vacancies, occupancies and employee location throughout your facility portfolio.

FM:Interact Allows Finance Professionals to:

Gain visibility into space usage:

Understand how your space is truly being utilized across the entire organization.

Provide faster service to employees:

Easily track and manage facility requests and route them to the appropriate service team.

Report on facility data:

Provide executives with better reporting to enable them to think more strategically about how space is used.

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