Facility & Asset Management for Healthcare

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Turn Your Real Estate into a Revenue Stream

Space and asset management software improves the efficiency of your hospital or medical facility while also helping prepare you for Joint Commission Audits. Technology provides the necessary data to implement cost-saving or revenue strategies where you need them most.

If you don't fully understand your space and assets and how they're being used, you may be missing opportunities to generate revenue or improve patient satisfaction. What vacancies exist, and can you rent or sell space? Are all of your research facilities utilized optimally? Are you trying to understand assets for a merger or acquisition? With facility planning software, you’ll have the answers to these questions and more.

With FM:Systems, Your Entire Organization Will Benefit:

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Facilities & Design

Prepare for Joint Commission Audits and enable smarter decisions with accurate, real-time occupancy data, easily reported and visualized in dashboards and graphs  

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Get strategic with your space allocations and asset management, to enhance patient satisfaction and uncover new revenue streams or savings

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Advancement & Institutional Research

Improve the space allocation in your research hospitals for better federal funding and to help recruit--and keep--the most desirable staff

The FM:Systems Solution for Healthcare

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Your facilities are an asset--probably one of your biggest--and data is the tool that helps you take advantage of it. From maximizing your space to monitoring expensive assets to helping you lease out unused facilities, accurate data can unlock cash flow and savings. FM:Systems’ Cloud-based software gathers this data and synthesizes it into dashboards and easy-to-understand visualizations.

With Our Software, you will:

- Easily track facilities and other high-value assets

- Consolidate research space and allocate as appropriate

- Set a single source of truth for your information

- Prepare for Joint Commission Audits

- Identify potential streams of revenue

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Healthcare Case Studies

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Catholic Health Initiatives

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