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How Businesses Can Stay Flexible with Office Hoteling

Optimizing Your Office Space for the 21st Century Workforce As the world becomes increasingly digitized, the workplace must adapt to accommodate the needs of a new generation of workers. Millennials grew up with ready access to computers at their fingertips, and so it should come as no surprise that digital workflows are becoming increasingly popular.... Read more »

David Kornegay

Why the Mobile Maintenance Workforce is Different

In recent years, exponential growth in mobile usage and its applications has allowed employees to access their messages, tasks, calendars, files and more from anywhere and with less items to carry. Maintenance employees want similar access to service requests and work orders requiring their attention. What tasks are open, where to go, who to contact... Read more »

In recent years, there has been an explosion in business intelligence tools. Reporting and graphs have been a mainstay for decades, yet business intelligence (BI) is the next phase of power reporting. Applications such as Domo, Exago, Google Data Studio, Microsoft PowerBI, Qlik, Tableau and more have taken the marketplace by storm. The reason? Traditional... Read more »

According to analyst firm Verdantix, the workspace software industry is innovating at a breakneck pace. Facilities teams and corporate real estate professionals have a wealth of buying choices that range from high to low in price, and from multi-layered, full enterprise offerings to more limited, problem specific functionality. Analytics platforms that calculate building utilization are... Read more »

The employee-centric workplace is not just about beanbag chairs and attracting new employees. For the record, I have nothing against beanbag chairs! Even the hippest, coolest environment can look great from an outward aesthetics perspective, but that doesn’t guarantee a harmonious workplace for the long-term. A true employee-centric mindset is one that organizations adopt for... Read more »

Brian Haines

Measuring Space Utilization in the Era of the IoT

Technologies to better understand how your employees are engaging your space Smart Building Technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Many organizations are actively researching or implementing technologies to aid in collecting data on true building performance in order to make better decisions using actionable intelligence. While sensor technologies are gaining a lot of... Read more »

We recently commissioned Verdantix, an independent market research firm, to run a study on the business impact of space management technology. The report shows that companies that invest in space management technologies are improving the employee experience, driving business growth and increasing their bottom line. Verdantix leveraged global research and interviews with senior executives across... Read more »

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5 Reasons to Initiate an Office Renovation

Office renovations are an important part of doing business. They make better use of existing space, can be helpful in attracting top talent, and are sometimes necessary in the event of unplanned disruptions ranging from temporary equipment or systems failures to more serious events such as the impact of natural disasters. But they also introduce... Read more »

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The Complexity of Corporate Moves

Understanding Churn One of the biggest challenges for any organization is managing their churn, or the number of moves that occur in any given year. Churn rate is often expressed as the number of moves in relation to the percentage of offices occupied. The median churn rate for corporations is around 40%, with about half... Read more »

What is IWMS? Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) help companies visualize and report their current space and assets in a secure, cloud-based environment. Unlike the spreadsheets and manual reporting that are often used to capture this information today, software enables a more cohesive, accurate, and user-friendly way to manage facilities information. The benefits include increased... Read more »