In Part 1 of this blog we discussed how utilizing technology will be a crucial aspect of returning your employees to work whether using simple spreadsheets and diagrams or procuring and implementing new hardware and software solutions.  From initial preparation to execution and ongoing monitoring, there are several technology options to consider in the process.... Read more »

There are many areas to address when planning to bring personnel back to the workplace. New requirements due to social distancing, cleaning, and safety have brought challenges to facility managers to be able to plan for and execute a return-to-work strategy. Technology will certainly be required for this planning, whether using simple spreadsheets and diagrams... Read more »

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Returning to Work: 8 Tips for Facilities Managers

Facilities managers will be responsible to identify, plan and deliver the safe workplace when it’s time to return to the physical workplace. You’ll need real-time workplace management data and analytics, so you can model what-if scenarios and shore up working plans. As you work to formulate the best facilities plan for your specific business, you... Read more »

Preventive Maintenance Preventive maintenance is one of the most essential parts of a company’s maintenance schedule, and not just because it can help you save a lot of money. In this guide, you will learn what preventive maintenance is, see some examples of it, and learn some of the best techniques for establishing and maintaining... Read more »

You can’t go online these days without seeing multiple posts making it clear that we’re on the verge of re-entry and that the office you return to won’t look like the office you left. Given this, you might be surprised to hear that almost 50% of organizations still haven’t finalized their approach for returning to... Read more »

Part 2 of Returning to Work and The New ‘Normal’   In Part 1 of this blog, we talked about the four stages of the COVID-19 pandemic response and listed questions organizations should be asking themselves in their pandemic response plans. In Part 2, we’ll focus on adapting to the future of facilities and dive... Read more »

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Preventive Maintenance Program: What it Is & Benefits

Preventive Maintenance Program Having a useful preventive maintenance program is often the difference between having a lot of downtime in your industry versus not. Preventive maintenance exists to help keep businesses running that require the use of many moving parts. Every company uses some machine to function; whether it be printers, copiers, grills, cranes, or... Read more »

Preparing a building for re-entry after a pandemic requires careful consideration and preparation of aspects that impact health and well-being of occupants. In a time of pandemic, this preparation includes but goes beyond traditional pre-return building risk assessments. Below are five things facility managers need to consider in their planning for employees re-entering the workplace... Read more »

In our recent webcast, Eddy Wagoner, CIO JLL, showed that ‘future fit’ organizations outpace their peers in technology adoption and demonstrated the strong correlation between technology adoption and market outperformance. Prior to COVID-19, JLL surveyed a little over 600 companies about what they were focused on and their priorities for 2020. In that survey, it... Read more »