I’m continuing my “Best Practices for Space Management” series which is the first guide we have published as part of our best practices series. I hope you enjoyed learning about the making of our best practices series, benefits of space management and the top 10 things every facility manager should know about space in my... Read more »

Muhammad Isap

Ten Ingredients for Great Customer Service

At FM:Systems, we value customer service highly. In 2017, we scored 98% in customer satisfaction, and we are aiming even higher this year. Great customer service doesn’t just happen. Like preparing a gourmet meal, it takes planning, focus, and a lot of time. Here’s my recipe. 1 – Energy If you don’t have it, you’re... Read more »

Leasha Jackson

Introducing the Best Practices for Space Management

Who is FM:Systems and what do they do? I’ll take a moment to give you a little background on FM:Systems and how it has become the leading software solution provider in space and occupancy management. Our Chairman, Michael Schley, founded FM:Systems in 1984 with the vision of creating a flexible, comprehensive facility management system that... Read more »

Leasha Jackson

Why you should attend the 2018 User Conference

The Future of Space Utilization Our annual User Conference is just a few short months away and I am already so excited to have another great year of cutting-edge presentations by industry leaders as well as seeing returning clients and meeting new ones. Year after year our conference continues to grow and it wouldn’t be... Read more »

Brian Haines

Sensor Based Real-Time Space Utilization

Sensor Based Real-Time Space Utilization Building Automation Systems (BAS) have been around for several years and thousands of buildings around the world are equipped with sensor based technology to automate tasks such as turning lights on and off in rooms, adjusting room temperature, reporting fault conditions in equipment etc. Newly emerging trends in the actual... Read more »

Leasha Jackson

The Power of the Mobile Employee at World Workplace

FM:Systems has been attending IFMA’s World Workplace conference and expo for the past 31 years and I am honored to have just attended my 6th. World Workplace is one of the biggest shows we attend each year and is the best place to network with facility and real estate professionals, learn how they are managing... Read more »

Brian Haines

The Cost of Interoperability in Facility Management

McGraw-Hill Construction released the Interoperability in the Construction Industry SmartMarket in 2007 Report that showed that project team members attributed 3% of project costs to software non interoperability. Some of the contributors to additional cost included: Manually reentering data from application to application Time spent on duplicate software Time lost to document version checking Over... Read more »

Leasha Jackson

Release of FM:Interact 2017 – Five New Features!

We are very excited to announce the release of FM:Interact 2017, as well as the new functionality that comes with it. With this release, FM:Systems has enhanced a number of previous functions to improve user experience, as well as created brand new functions in order for organizations to get the most effective utilization of their space.... Read more »

IoT based sensor technology to track real-time utilization I’ve been closely watching the evolution of the modern office over the past several years as many organizations embrace alternative workplace strategies. This has been particularly driven by the ability for employees to work anytime and anywhere due to really incredible mobile technologies. While this has offered... Read more »