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Indoor Air Quality Considerations (IAQ) During COVID-19

Much has been written about how easily the COVID-19 virus can be transmitted from human to human. This is primarily through close contact and transfer in tiny airborne droplets which can be expelled into the air by a cough, sneeze or in some cases simply by talking and breathing. This issue can be compounded when... Read more »

Around the world, the type of work people do is changing with technology and innovation. In just a few decades, the U.S. workforce transformed from mostly manual labor to a majority of office workers. By 2030, McKinsey & Co. predicts that we will spend 55 percent more hours on technical work that requires STEM degrees,... Read more »

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What is Asset Management Software?

What is Asset Management Software Asset management software is a program that helps a company keep track of its property. Though asset tracking software is usually utilized by corporations and large companies, asset management tools are also available for small businesses and individuals. Because these software tools can streamline tracking, record-keeping, and other tasks, they... Read more »

Many organizations are actively planning a return to the workplace.  As part of this planning process it is critical to consider employee sentiment as a significant factor in the decision-making on who returns and when.  Most of the planning so far has been focused on methods for keeping occupants of facilities properly distanced to minimize... Read more »

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Smart Building: What is It & What are the Benefits?

What are Smart Buildings? Office buildings may not seem like much, but they’re undergoing a radical transformation in the digital age. With the Internet of Things allowing us to monitor and adjust settings in real-time, the buildings of the future are almost living things. Smart buildings are helping businesses cut down on overhead costs and... Read more »

With copious amounts of technologies in the marketplace that enable stakeholders to capture data with regards to the performance of their real estate, it can be a little overwhelming to take the first step towards a data-driven approach. It is not uncommon to find yourself in a double conundrum. You may have very little data... Read more »

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Space Planning Software and its Benefits

Space Planning Software If you are looking to do some space planning for any real estate or office space, space planning software can help you save time. Thoughtfully crafted floor plans can also help businesses to set up their space more effectively for select situations like retail and services. The right software can also make... Read more »

Many organizations lack the information needed to help them reduce the overall risk to their operations during unexpected events that can have a significant impact on the operations of their facilities and real-estate portfolios. Actionable and accurate data can help lay the framework for managing through unplanned or unexpected global or local incidents such as... Read more »

Since companies began planning to come back to the workplace, several options have now been funneling down to a relatively common solution.  The companies that this applies to typically: are corporate offices with administrative space do NOT have extensive hoteling use typical 1:1 assigned seating environment do not want to change to unassigned seating (yet,... Read more »

In Part 1 of this blog we discussed how utilizing technology will be a crucial aspect of returning your employees to work whether using simple spreadsheets and diagrams or procuring and implementing new hardware and software solutions.  From initial preparation to execution and ongoing monitoring, there are several technology options to consider in the process.... Read more »