Unlocking the Value of Data in Commercial Real Estate


Written by: Michael Gresty, VP of Workplace Analytics, FM:Systems


Council of 100 Innovation Forum Champions Change Leadership in Real Estate Data

In late October, as Chair of OCSRE Council of 100 Innovation Forum, I was thrilled to host the first in our Virtual Change Leadership Series. The focus was on data and its role in real estate change leadership. The Forum was organized info four sessions and an open discussion over two mornings:

  • Naseem Wenzel, Partner at CohnReznick and OSCRE’s Chair, presented her views on the importance of change leadership in increasingly data-rich and data dependent industry, and was joined by other Board members as well as attendees who attested to the need for strategic thinking about data.
  • Dennis Main, Data Strategy Consultant for DM Consulting and Ian Cameron, OSCRE’s Chief Innovation Officer, summarized the recently-released OSCRE Industry Data Model™ and how it can be implemented to support a data strategy. Since it was made open and free, over 150 end-user license agreements have been executed, confirming OSCRE’s much-needed, catalytic role in accelerating improved data governance and data exchange.
  • Adele Pugliese, VP of Data Enablement and Analytics, and her colleague, Sam Flis, Director Property Technology, at Bentall Green Oak discussed organic collaboration in their post-merger digital journey.
  • Ivory Johnson, Director Real Estate and Workplace Solutions for Lenovo, Latin America, and Alexander Taft, Managing Director, Invesco Ltd., discussed the short- and long-term impacts of the pandemic on leasing and workplace strategies, and affirmed the growing need for timely and reliable data in an increasingly agile industry.
  • The Forum was rounded out by an open discussion of change leadership and the importance of good data to enable decision makers to asses and manage risk, innovate and most importantly, partner between sectors and organization to create value.

As a leader in commercial real estate, you realize that data is a valuable asset. The question is, how do you unlock that value? In this next session in the OSCRE Change Leadership series, we look at the challenges that leaders face and some of the solutions they are implementing. In a business that’s all about assets, we’ll look at the value of data, best practices in decision making, how data fusion and analytics add value, and what senior leaders are doing to mobilize and direct their organizations down this new path

Please join Michael Gresty, Chair of the Council of 100 and Vice President of Analytics of FM:Systems, in a conversation with Eddy Wagoner, Executive Director and Digital Chief Information Officer of JLL, followed by open discussion with attendees.


Register for A Leader’s Perspective on the Values of Data Governance in Commercial Real Estate on December 9th, 11am-12pm ET.