Space & Facility Management Software for Energy Companies

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Improving Returns on Real Estate & Facility Assets

Office space and equipment often represent the second or third largest expense to energy and utility clients. By providing easy to use tools to better understand the utilization and allocation of space our clients are able to improve occupancy rates and space utilization with detailed space inventories, accurate occupancy data, and manage to facilities benchmarks.

FM:Systems Allows Energy Companies to:

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Improve Space Utilization

Increase the value of facility data and plans by providing access to key personnel to interact directly with CAD floor plans data via standard web browser

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Automate Portfolio Management

Analyze property financial data and monitor portfolio performance against key performance indicators and industry benchmarks

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Keep Everyone On the Same Page

Integrate with other departments to keep everyone up-to-date and aligned to avoid unnecessary expenditures

The FM:Systems Solution for Energy Companies

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FM:Systems' workplace management solutions include a real-time integration of AutoCAD Drawings and Revit Models. akes it easy to view and share information in a web browser, enabling you to easily create, view and manage powerful graphical views of your space data giving facility professionals, department liaisons and executive management complete visibility into space, occupancy and utilization.

With Our Software, you will:

- Set a single source of truth for your information

- See the real value of the space you have

- Quickly adapt to the workspaces of tomorrow

- Bring clarity to financial decision making

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