FM:Systems Surpasses Customer Benchmark in 2020 Driven by Rapid Innovation   

RALEIGH, N.C., JAN. 12, 2021 — FM:Systems, provider of global workplace management technology solutions, announced today a successful end to 2020 as it surpassed the 1,500 customer milestone, topped off with new leadership to head its expanding presence in the public sector, garnered industry accolades, and expanded the growing team. This growth is a testament to the technology and service leadership FM:Systems provides, as well as its ability to quickly deliver a host of new features that have been critical for its customers to effectively respond to the shocks and challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Despite the worldwide challenges associated with 2020, the last 12 months have been a momentous period for FM:Systems,” said Kurt von Koch, CEO, FM:Systems. “Achieving this record growth in 2020 is a reflection of our incredibly talented team’s ability to rapidly adapt our Workplace Management Solutions to meet the changing needs of our customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Heading into 2021, we look forward to helping even more organizations navigate this new normal in preparing a safe, healthy, and productive return to the workplace.”

FM:Systems’ unique approach to blending software for workplace management, employee experience, and workplace analytics enabled the company to further cement its cloud-based Integrated Workspace Management System (IWMS) as the strongest solution for optimizing every aspect of an organization’s facilities and workplace. By focusing on the intersection of the employee’s experience with the workplace, FM:Systems’ software helps customers identify, plan, and deliver the ideal workplace for each employee. At the outset of the pandemic, FM:Systems quickly adjusted the company’s product roadmap to deliver significant and unique value to its customers as they began to experience abrupt workplace changes and closures – a shift exemplified by record attendance at its Building Insights user conference, delivered virtually for the first time.

With many organizations adopting hybrid work environments – where employees can both work remotely and work in the office – technologies that provide data on workplace utilization are becoming increasingly essential in guiding informed corporate real estate decisions. In addition to increased demand for FM:Systems Employee Experience solutions and Workplace Analytics solutions that support flexible schedules and hybrid work arrangements, the company also released several new safe space functionalities and technologies in 2020 designed to promote optimal health and safety processes and outcomes for all building occupants. FM:Systems safe space solutions include:

  • Sensor-based congestion alerts that notify staff in real time when congestion levels exceed defined limits;
  • Employee health acknowledgements that provide an extra prompt to communicate protocols and employee responsibility prior to checking into a space;
  • A sensor-based, real-time cleaning status indicator in a mobile-enabled floorplan to enable targeted cleaning.

FM:Systems also successfully delivered on its pre-pandemic workplace management innovations roadmap, including:

  • Expanded and enhanced analytics for environmental sensors;
  • Actionable, interactive analytics dashboards for management;
  • Interactive mobile-enabled floor plans for workplace reservations;
  • Mobile-enabled and enhanced UI for WebRequest, a unique cloud scheduling application for external guests and co-working scenarios;
  • Architecture enhancements for improved authentication methods across its product lines for seamless platform single-sign-on.

These innovations led FM:Systems to win multiple industry awards in 2020, including the Golden Bridge Award for Best Technology to Combat and Reduce the Impact of COVID-19 and FacilitiesNet 2020 Vision Award for the company’s workplace occupancy sensors.

The customer, revenue and solution growth that FM:Systems achieved in 2020 was driven by and acted as a catalyst for increasing its headcount by more than 20 percent throughout the year, and by more than 30 percent in its Raleigh, NC headquarters. As part of its continued growth, the Triangle Fast 50 Awards recognized FM:Systems as a winner for the second consecutive year.

About FM:Systems
More than 1500 organizations worldwide trust FM:Systems’ digital workplace management solutions to empower their facility and real estate teams to identify, plan and deliver the ideal workplace experience for every employee. With customers representing half of the Fortune 50, 2/3 of top US banks, 150+ government institutions, over 200 hospital and healthcare organizations, 350+ universities, and 50% of leading pharmaceutical firms, our leading solutions manage over 3 billion square feet across 80 countries worldwide. FM:Systems is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, and conducts business worldwide. For more information about FM:Systems, please visit