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Improving the employee experience with FMS:Employee

Our FMS:Employee suite of products provides powerful software and hardware solutions for your organization with innovative scheduling solutions that deliver new levels of efficiency and productivity for your mobile, virtual, and traditional employees. From conference rooms and video conferencing facilities to shared workspaces and managed services. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise with a global footprint, the way work gets done has changed. Today’s workforce is more mobile, flexible, and tech-savvy than ever before and you need new tools to attract the best talent, get the most from your people, and control costs. 

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Agile solutions for an agile workforce

No matter the size of your organization, collaboration is key. The FMS:Employee suite of solutions are scalable, cloud-based and mobile. With a responsive, intuitive user interface and easy-to-implement integrations, our solutions work the way your people do: anytime and everywhere. Employees reap the benefits of autonomy and flexibility, and HR sees the benefit of happier employees and improved retention and recruiting rates.

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Employee Experience Solutions

Full-Service Room Scheduling

  • Conference Room Scheduling 
  • Meeting Planning 
  • Service Management 
  • Mobile Scheduling 
  • Multi-Time Zone Scheduling 

Hoteling & Mobile Workforce

  • Resource filters & floorplan views
  • Outlook integration
  • Easy mobile app room scheduling
  • Real-time analytics
  • Desk sharing capabilities

Occupancy Sensors

  • Capture accurate utilization data in real-time
  • Integrate with BMS & BAS integrations
  • Track employee comfort and wellness
  • Understand the amount of space you actually need
  • Identify underused spaces to consolidate and increase utilization

Environmental Sensors

  • Monitor building energy usage
  • Reduce carbon footprint by adjusting HVAC & lighting to actual usage
  • Maintain environmental certifications (LEED, WELL)
  • Detect temperature, noise, light, air pressure and air quality

The Benefits of Improving your Employee Experience

Increase Employee Productivity

Whether your teams work from home, the office, or a shared co-working space, our integrated solutions and actionable insights enable you to match the flexibility and agility today’s diverse and mobile workforce has come to expect from every other aspect of their lives.

Compete for the Best Talent

Attract new talent, retain current employees and improve engagement by elevating how, when, and where their work gets done.

Reduce Business Expense

Discover how people use your space to design employee experiences and office environments that maximize engagement and productivity while right-sizing your real estate footprint, energy consumption, and resource inefficiencies.

Use Cases for Utilization Workplace Analytics

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See for yourself how FM:Systems' Employee Experience Suite can elevate how, when, and where your people work.

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