New Features of FM:Interact 8.5

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FM:Interact version 8.5 offers new features and capabilities that will allow organizations to operate their facility portfolios more effectively by providing advanced business intelligence tools and unparalleled data visualization.

Enhanced User Interface

85-new-interfaceFM:Interact 8.5 has a brand new, highly configurable icon driven navigation which makes our best in class ease of use better than ever. With multiple layout options, users have the power to choose the method that works best for them—they can select left or top navigation and a variety of icon sizes that best fits their needs. In addition, the new navigation includes the following features:

  • Favorites, which enables users to bookmark frequently visited pages, views and reports in the system
  • Ability to pin (keep open) or unpin (hide) the pop-out navigation menu when the left navigation layout is selected
  • Adjustable pop-out navigation menu width

The new streamlined user interface provides end users with an easier, more consistent navigation and increased screen real-estate which will in turn allow facilities professions to better manage their demanding building portfolios.

Powerful FMx Reporting

85-fmx-reportingFM:Interact 8.5 includes new fully integrated business intelligence tools that provides end-users with complete control over the reporting and analysis of their facility data. FMx Reporting gives end users the ability to create and run reports from within the FM:Interact interface. The easy to use drag-and-drop wizard-driven interface enables users to create powerful reports in just a few minutes. Additionally, FMx Reporting includes the following features:

  • Highly securable data objects, meaning administrators can permission specific tables and fields for roles to be able to use in reports
  • The ability to configure tabular and graphical reports
  • The concept of personal and global reports so users can create and access their own reports as well as other reports that FM:Interact administrators have promoted as globally available reports
  • A scheduling feature, allowing report schedules (one-time or recurring) to be created and delivered to end-users via email in a variety of formats

FMx5 Viewer Enhancements

The FMx5 viewer has been enhanced to build upon this powerful new viewer which was released in version 8.4. The FMx5 viewer provides users with the ability to quickly load large, complex drawings—allowing users to access their floor plans with greater speed and perform tasks from the floor plan with greater ease. We are continuing to enhance our FMx5 viewer capabilities and as part of 8.5 the following features are now available:

  • Improved line weight control, which means that drawings look crisp when viewed at extents and when zoomed in
  • The ability to drag and drop both room assignments and to create single and project moves
  • Ad-hoc graphic theming and greater control over visual output for both FM:Interact and FM:Mobile
  • The ability to export and print to vector pdf with a high degree of fidelity and layer control

HTML5 Mapping

85-html-mappingThe new FM:Interact HTML5 mapping tool provides a highly configurable visual method to navigate the entire facility portfolio quickly and easily through a map-based interface

  • No plug-in required
  • Enhanced configurability
  • Support for multiple map providers
  • Improved user interface

Additional new features include:

  • Alternating grid row colors which provides more visual distinction between data rows in view grids
  • AutoCAD 2017 support