New Features of FM:Interact 2018

FM:Interact 2017 offers new functionality that will enable organizations to get the most effective utilization of their space by providing new Scenario Planning functionality and integration into IoT sensor based technology.

Scenario Planning

Scenario Planning Blocking - Latest ReleaseFM:Interact Scenario Planning is an essential tool for the planning of your organizational changes by allowing you to predict the space needs of your organization months or even years out. It provides you with the ability to create, visualize and “try on” potential space situations, such as build-outs, expansions, reorganizations, consolidations or reconfigurations—so you’ll be prepared no matter what happens.
Scenario Planning will equip your team with all the tools needed to evaluate multiple planning scenarios and pre-plan for drastic change brought on by unexpected events that can have a sudden and unanticipated impact on the operational readiness of you facilities.
Key features include:

  • Define strategies to manage current or future space needs and challenges based on occupancy and vacancy opportunities for selected sites, buildings and floors.
  • Visualize space utilization and seating opportunities on floor plans from the departmental level down to specific individuals.
  • Determine space needs based on projections of increased/decreased employee numbers.

FMx5 Markup & Measure

Markup measure - Latest ReleaseMarkup and Measure provides users with the ability to draw and create spaces on the FMx5 floor plan, save, and see those changes reflected in AutoCAD real-time. Having the ability to measure distances from point to point on the floor plan enables you to accurately plan for organizational changes or report on space needs.
Key features include:

  • Floor plan markup—draw polylines or rectangles and sync changes to the AutoCAD drawing
  • Floor plan measure—measure linear distance between two points on the floor plan
  • Tag space—select a markup and tag the space as an FM:Interact room

Data Change Request

data change request - Latest ReleaseThe new data change request functionality allows users to improve change process workflow by providing users with the ability to request changes to space data and allowing administrators to review, accept or reject them before they go live.

Data Auditing

FM:Interact now includes the ability to store and display all data actions performed by system users, enabling the ability to track all inserts, edits and deletions. Information on who took the action, when the action was taken, and by what function are all available through Data Auditing.

FMx Sensors

One of the biggest challenges emerging in the industry is the difficulty in tracking the actual utilization of space. FM:Systems has been working with a variety of sensor based technologies that can allow you to track real-time utilization and get a better understanding of how your space is really being used.

Real-time Space Utilization Analysis

FM:Systems integration with seat utilization sensors enables you to utilize a turn-key real-time utilization sensing technology where you can rent the hardware when you want to perform a utilization study of a specific facility all the way down to individual work-points. This also allows you to view a heat map of utilization over the period of the study and offers an unprecedented ability to see how well your space is actually being used.

3D Stereoscopic People Sensing

FM:Systems integration with 3D stereoscopic cameras allows you to perform people counting in and out of specific areas that you have delineated on your floor plans. The cameras have incredible resolution and accurately counts people in and out of spaces and displays the actual count of employees in real-time on the FM:Interact FMx5 Floor Plan viewer.