Preventive Maintenance Software

Avoid maintenance issues with regular upkeep

Keep up with maintenance at regular intervals

Doctor’s checkups. The dentist. Oil changes. Certain tasks just need to happen regularly, and it’s no different with your facility. Preventive or planned maintenance done at regular intervals keeps your facilities in optimal condition.

This regular maintenance enables you to maximize the life and therefore the investment in your critical facility assets and equipment portfolio-wide. This also provides you insight into the current condition of your facilities so you can make targeted decisions that save on operating costs in the long term.


Why use facility management software to keep track of planned maintenance?

An Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) can help keep track of your planned maintenance with calendar reminders, automated scheduling and the ability to track progress reports in an easy-to-use interface. While CAFM (computer aided facility management) solutions used to be heavily relied on, they only enabled communication within departments. An IWMS is an enterprise-wide facility management solution that keeps your processes organized in one, central location that anyone in your organization can access from anywhere.

The Business Case for Facility Management Software

maintenance management

Keep track of planned maintenance in one easy-to-access, cloud-based location

facility maintenance

Note the status of facilities and equipment to plan for upgrades or replacement


Streamline the facility maintenance process and cut costs with increased efficiency

Why adopt a data-driven approach to preventative maintenance?

Implementing space management software into your facilities management process gives you the transparency needed to effectively manage your organization. With space planning software, you’ll gain a clear picture of your real estate portfolio, model floor planning scenarios, track space utilization and better manage leases and assets, thanks to real-time data and interactive dashboards and displays.


Benefits of FM:Systems' Facility Management Solution

benefit4 - Preventative Maintenance

Organize the planned maintenance process

Track planned maintenance schedules in one central location.

benefit2 - Preventative Maintenance

Cut costs by avoiding catastrophic

facility failures

Implement a preventive maintenance process to avoid major facility breakdowns

benefit1 1 - Preventative Maintenance

Keep tabs on facility & equipment performance

Notate the results of regular facility diagnostic tests

benefit3 - Preventative Maintenance

Maintain facilities so they run smoothly

Streamline your planned maintenance process so that you keep facilities and equipment in optimal shape


baystate - Preventative Maintenance

Case Study: Baystate Health

Baystate Health uses IWMS technology to comply with all Joint Commission requirements.

facility maintenance software

Key features of the right facility maintenance software:

  • Gives you insight into when you need to upgrade or replace equipment
  • Helps you track the status of facilities and equipment so you can monitor them over time
  • Keeps track of planned maintenance requests in one central location

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