FM:Systems Launches FM:BIM

Cloud-based system allows AEC firms to help building owners streamline project handover and drive down lifecycle costs

RALEIGH, N.C. – July 18, 2012 – FM:Systems continues to lead the market in connecting Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Facility Management (FM) by announcing FM:BIM. FM:BIM, a cloud-based system integrated with BIM data, helps architects, engineers and contractors share building information with owners throughout the lifecycle of the building.

FM:BIM lets Autodesk® Revit® users synchronize data and views of their models with an easy-to-use Web site. Now everyone on the project team can work together to capture the data and documents that help facility professionals plan maintenance and prepare for occupancy. Because it’s cloud-based, both facility professionals and AEC team members can use a Web-browser to view and manage building information – freeing Revit users to focus on modeling not data entry.

“FM:Systems has worked to bridge the divide between BIM and FM since we launched our Revit integration two years ago,” said Marty Chobot, vice president, BIM initiatives for FM:Systems. “FM:BIM gives firms great new opportunities to help their clients reduce the cost and hassle of getting building space and maintenance programs up and running.”

FM:BIM helps AEC professionals:

  • Differentiate their firms by providing owners with valuable data about the building’s spaces, systems, and equipment
  • Maintain ongoing relationships with clients by leveraging FM:BIM to manage reconfigurations, renovations and retrofits.
  • Develop new revenue streams by providing data commissioning services and managing model information

“TME needed a way to leverage the information in the models and was looking for a tool that would let us use Revit to help maintain the facility,” said Mark Mergenschroer, BIM innovation services manager for TME. “We firmly believe we have found that with FM:Systems’ Revit Integration.”

Key capabilities include the ability to:

  • Create live, bi-directional links between Revit models and FM:BIM site
  • Manage FM:BIM Room and Space Information in Revit
  • Synchronize building components in Revit models with building equipment data in the FM:BIM site
  • Publish views of Revit models to the FM:BIM Web site – enabling anyone in the firm or the client’s organization to view plans in a Web browser
  • Plan preventive maintenance and track asset history
  • Forecast building maintenance costs and labor requirements

Jim Lynch, VP, Building & Collaboration Products Group, Autodesk adds, “Cloud-based workflows will change the way AEC services firms collaborate with each other and with Owner/Operators, and FM:Systems helps extend the benefits of BIM to the operational phase of the building lifecycle.”

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